Japanese style

As a method of practicing child soccer,

I think that I will take up basic training this week.

Now, it is the next technique.

Anything, although that is right,

it does not go well at first.

If you think that

about 20 points can be taken,

Let’s go to practice a technique of the next.

Let’s carry out different technique practice.

After it,

Let’s do practice.

It is sometimes often felt easier than before.

『Basic technique』

2.Continuation of an inside outside

The point is imitating too.

If possible, a pivoting foot is set back,

Only the leg of one side is used,

Let’s imitate by being cautious of the above two points.

Moreover, this technique is also beginners’ child,

Let’s begin carefully slowly.

If it gets impatient, it will not go well too.

Go next、3、A cutback by an outside 

* The basic technique list *

1、Continuation of an inside outside

2、Continuation of an inside outside

3、A cutback by an outside

4、Inside inside => outside outside

5、A ball is drawn near by the sole and it pushes out by the outside of a reverse leg.

6、It stops and turns by a sole.
It pushes out by a reverse leg outside.

7、It turns ranging over a ball.

8、It pulls to the front by a sole, it stops on the foot, and is a reverse leg inside.

More, those who want to do some need to look at the teaching materials here etc.!!

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